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Autism Rocks: A Charity With Lofty Goals

Autism Rocks is a young charity that has seen significant success. The charity’s goal is to raise money for autism. But more specifically, the charity wants to increase funding to research for the disease. It does this through music. Recently, the charity has used one method to raise all of its funds through music. They organize small concerts and in exchange for significant donations, individuals get a seat at the show.

Autism Rocks has had concerts with headliners like Lenny Kravitz and Prince, and it plans to have many more. They charity also wants to explore different methods. So far the shows have only been held in London and Autism Rocks would like to try hosting the shows in different cities around the world. In addition, the shows have generally been attended by the wealthy because they are the only ones who can afford the 500 pound minimum donation. The charity would like to have contests where the winner would win a ticket to the show. The charity would also like to try bigger events and even release a CD, a compilation by different artists where the proceeds would be back to benefit the charity.

The man behind the charity is Sanjay Shah. Shah is most well known for his financial company, that also happens to be fairly young. He has had success in the financial industry for some time and is now taking a step back to concentrate on philanthropy. There were two main causes for this. The first was that Shah’s company, Solo Capital, started to do so well that he was no longer needed for daily oversight. The second reason Shah decided to take up philanthropy is that his son was diagnosed with autism and he wanted desperately to find a way to help.

But the music industry is not such a big leap for Shah. During his days at King’s College, Shah would promote local concerts around London. Now he does the same thing but with a much bigger picture and a loftier goal in his mind.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Global-Citizen


Entertainers Are Crossing The Line To Make Money

Niki Minaj agreed to do a performance in Angola for corrupt dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Santos has exploited to the countries labor, diamonds, and oil to his benefit for years. An increasing number big name artist is performing for strong arm dictators against the pleas of human rights activists. The citizens of Angola live in fear and in poverty. Their dictator has illegally amassed a fortune while most who live there make less than one dollar per day. The Human Rights Foundation’s president Thor Halvorssen had asked the entertainer to cancel the event but Niki Minaj had no intention of cancelling the show. She was paid two million dollars to perform at the event.

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza or more commonly know as Thor Halvorssen is from Venezuela and is a human rights activist. Halvorssen is the Founder of The Human Rights Forum in Oslo that takes place yearly. He is also the patron of The Children’s Peace Movement, the Founder of The Moving Picture Institute, and more recently bought the leftist news magazine Ny Tid.

While attending the University Of Pennsylvania in 1993 Thor Halvorssen’s father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum was imprisoned on false charges of money laundering and bank fraud. Halvorssen Hellum was serving as the Venezuelan ambassador to the anti-narcotics task force and was investigating the Medellin Cartel. His father was beaten and tortured. Thor Halvorssen spearheaded a campaign to free his father with the likes of Amnesty International and various other human rights organizations. His father was eventually released and found innocent. Halvorssen’s mother was also shot during a peaceful protest in 2004. A group of Venezuelan security police fired into the crowd wounding several including Halvorssen’s mother and killing one other woman. The series of events have led him to vigorously pursue human right causes and fight corruption and injustices around the world.

Flavio Maluf Takes Eucatex Manufacturing Company To Another Level

Flavio Maluf is a Sao Paulo-born man and a famous businessperson. Wikipedia shows that Maluf was born on 2nd December 1961 in Brazil. He pursued his tertiary level degree at FAAP where he emerged with honors in mechanical engineering. He currently lives in Brazil, where he works as the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Company. His resume shows interestingly enough that Mr. Maluf also serves as the head of Grand Food Company, which is also referred to as the Golden and premier pet. He was nurtured by his father Paulo Maluf, who is a politician in the Brazilian political onset.

Maluf Flavio has been offering his managerial services in Eucatex Company since 2005, when he took over the family business. He has been on the move to raise the level of standards of this Company for ten years. He serves as the board of executive officers chairperson and the managing director of Eucatex trading board of trustees. Flavio Maluf attends nine board members in Eucatex at the same time. His experience and enterprise to embrace change impress many.

In his reign as the president of Eucatex Company, the Company received recognitions from the Nobel Prize awards due to the Companies efforts of conserving the environment. Eucatex Company contains a terrain of land with estimated thousands of hectares of land where they get the eucalyptus raw materials to manufacture the flooring products and other products. He is always regarded as the man behind the growth and the success of Eucatex.

Maluf flew to the United States to undertake a course in business administration, whereas he still worked part time. He is the famous man known to stimulate the tremendous growth of Eucatex. He also bears great team work spirit. He successfully worked with his uncle in the firm, and they registered remarkable results. Eucatex is a top-notch Company that generated the idea of using the real comfort to come up with products which would help the society.

The Company used eucalyptus as the principal raw materials to aid in the production of boards and panels. Maluf became the president of Eucatex Company in a very favorable scenario. The family members, who had the largest shares in the firm appointed him to be the president due to the successfully registered reports. The rest stakeholders also decided to second him, and he emerged to be the president. He has recently been focusing on making massive investments and innovations in Eucatex products across the entire world.

Another interesting part of Flavio is how he interacts with the public.  As he’s become something of a famous figure in the nation, he’s really looked to for relaying the financial news of the day, and providing expert analysis.  He’s also talked about what education can really do for the nation, and how technology can play a role in Brazil’s future.

Charles Koch and his Political Network

Charles Koch along with his brother David have built one of the world’s largest empires. Koch and his brother inherited their father’s company, Koch Industries, and quietly began building the $250 million dollar oil enterprise into a $115 billion dollar empire that is still responsible for oil but also produces such well-known brands such as Lycra fiber, Quilted Northern tissue, Stainmaster Carpet and Dixie Cup. Koch and his brother have perhaps become more well-known for their support and efforts in the Republican field of political than for the items they produce or for the fact that they employ literally hundreds of thousands of people.

What is perhaps more impressive, however, is probably grounded in the fact that the Koch brothers have established a political empire that rivals that of the GOP in many regards. This political organization has over 1,200 full-time year round staffers in 107 nationwide offices. This amount is actually three times the amount of staffers that are employed with the Republican National Committee. What is perhaps even more amazing is the fact that the Koch network’s operation is seen by some as even more influential on conservative politics than the Republican party itself. The largest arm of this network is a PAC entitled Americans for Prosperity and has a place staff in 42 states by late 2016. The group has plans to emulate the strategy of the Nation Rifle Association in order to ensure its longevity.

Charles and his brother are heavily influenced by the Libertarian ideology, and they first began leveraging their political clout in the 1970’s by pumping money into notable think tanks such as the Cato Institute and the Mercatus Center of George Mason University. They probably would have remained minor political players were it not for what they saw as a “reckless” Bush administration, which they felt played host to a costly expansion of Medicare, a pointless war in Iraq and a risky lending policy which led to a housing bubble in 2008.

The political group of the Koch brothers has engaged in the strategic position of placing a large buildup in the key swing states of Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. They not only have an interest in policy but they apparently are also interested in political impact. They have 77 full-time staffers in the state of Florida alone.

The Koch brothers‘ first political donor gathering garnered them just over a dozen potential donors in 2003. During the last gathering in 2015 there were over 400 donors. The big question, of course, would be in whether the Koch brothers influence will end after they pass away. The contributions of Charles and his brother to the political sphere have been far reaching and wide for the time being, however.

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Skout Social Dating App Brings Chance for New Relationship in New Year

Have you resolved to socialize more, start dating or even find that perfect mate this year! Well this is the best time of the year according to a Washington Post article. Reasons given besides that often dropped New Years Resolution, include the winter chills cause people want to have someone to cuddle up with or hoping to have someone beside them at that family holiday feast at the end of this year. What ever your reason, there are calculated methods you can use to improve your chances of landing a date with Mr. or Mrs. Right, according to the article:

  • Offer up your best photo of yourself, full-length if possible and avoid the group photo. Taking a photo of how you would look on date night gives you a good shot..
  • When writing your bio, don’t fall into the trap of offering up cliches. Write honestly and simply about yourself, without being over wordy. Write the way you would speak if you were talking to someone about yourself in person.
  • Sunday evening is a good time to peruse the site and strike up a conversation. If you have a message in your inbox, respond within twenty-four hours if you’re interested. Waiting much longer means you may not get a response back!
  • Don’t lanquish in chat rooms – after 2 weeks of back and forth text messaging it’s time to meet in person. Best to find out sooner than later, if things will flourish like you had hoped.

If you want to get in on the game of online dating to perk up your social life (the off-line social life, that is!) the best way to do that is with the free downloadable iOS app called Skout. Sign up via Facebook or email, fill out your profile, and in no time you’ll be meeting new friends locally and all across the nation. Skout does the work of bringing a customized group of possible prospects, where you can give a wink, start a chat, or comment or their posts to show how you share similar life views. Skout is an excellent way to make that instant connection with someone, even if it’s just a new friend to share your favorite adventures with.

Safety for its users is not a second thought with the Skout app. Rather than specific location information like other social dating apps, Skout only provides general location information. You decide when it’s appropriate to provide more detailed information about yourself. The only personal data asked by Skout is age and gender. Not only is the Skout community asked to self-police by reporting any suspicious or inappropriate user behavior, they do their own constant monitoring of the site. There is zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Therefore, things such as solicitations for donations, harassing messages, offensive photos or minors on the adult site are promptly shut down. This is a new year, and a time for a new you to enjoy a new life. Get started today – it’s only a click away.

The Philanthropic Efforts of George Soros


There are many people in the world today who have amassed extremely large fortunes. However, many of these people choose not to share their money with those less fortunate than them. They also do not donate to causes that can help to make the world a better place. This can’t be said about investor and business magnate George Soros. He has used a large amount of his net worth of more than $24 billion to donate to various causes that he believes in and is passionate about. Over the past 40 years, Soros has become known as one of the world’s most generous philanthropists. The amount of money he has donated is truly staggering.

Soros started to make very large contributions to various causes starting in the 1970s. At this point, his company Soros Fund Management had established itself as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world. Soros had already started to make more money than he would ever be able to spend in his lifetime. He began to devise ways that his fortune could be best used to support the causes that he believed in. He started out by setting up various foundations that would accept other donations from people all over the world. His fortune allowed these foundations to hire people and function in various foreign countries. One of the first issues that drew the attention of Soros was the unfair treatment of black students in South Africa during the 1970s. This was during the time that Apartheid was still in effect. He donated money to assist these students in their quest to get a college education.

Soros has shown many interests when it comes to his philanthropic endeavors. However, poverty has always been a topic that he has been very passionate about. He has particularly been concerned about the level of poverty that currently exists in various regions of Africa. He donated more than $60 million in 2006 in an effort to provide medical, agricultural and educational assistance to different parts of Africa.

Education has also been an area that Soros has donated heavily to over the years. Soros often credits his own education with allowing him to reach such lofty heights in his life. Therefore, he believes that it is important for every person to have the same opportunity at an education as he had when he was young. To this end, he has made generous donations to a wide variety of universities around the world. He actively seeks out schools that are in financial trouble and helps them by buying books, computers or having necessary construction projects performed.

Soros has made the curing of many of the world’s worst diseases one of his biggest concerns. Many of his largest financial donations have been made to hospitals and research laboratories that are trying to discover cures for cancer, AIDS, diabetes and a host of other horrible diseases that plague millions of people around the globe. He has also donated generously to many medical schools.

To learn more about George Soros’s philanthropy, visit the site for Open Society Foundations.

Doctor Sergio Cortes Release On Physical Activities That Help Remedy Back Pain

Doctor Sergio is a Brazilian qualified doctor who specializes in the surgery department. Dr. Cortes has been in the healthcare department for more than 20 years now. The Brazilian doctor also serves as the Secretary health of Brazil. Dr. Sergio has made great contributions to the health industry.
He has supervised the establishments of hospitals and dispensaries in Rio and other municipalities. Doctor Cortes laid the foundation for better health care in Brazil. Cortes operates a web page platform that offers medical advice to people across the entire world. He has been an emulation figure and a mentor to many.
Recently, Sergio Cortes Officials made a publication of Dr. Sergio advice to those who suffer from back pain ailments. In the release, Sergio concentrated mostly on physical activities and exercises as the necessary remedy to curb back pains.
He recommended practicing of yoga, swimming, walking, cycling and use of Pilates to deal with back pain problems. For instance, Cortes advised that yoga exercise helps the body to stretch accordingly. Yoga Exercise also contributes to relieve stress.
Doctor Cortes advised that yoga exercise should be done in a yoga center or gyms. He instructed that the central idea of yoga was helping the body to stretch for the users benefit. As per the doctor, yoga should not be exercised without a specialist or an instructor.
Cortes emphasized that a person should consult a doctor first before undertaking any physical activity. A doctor instructs on the best exercise for your body. He put across the disadvantages of practicing yoga at home without an instructor.
Doctor Cortes advocated for Pilates as the best way to take exercises and attain a good body posture. He implied that Pilates is more flexible as compared to other physical activities. Cortes added that Pilates exercise can be modified to benefit the person exercising.
Doctor Sergio advocated for gym peddling as another physical activity to curb back pains. He added that people should not use the streets cycling as an exercise to control back pains as the practice leads to more serious problems. Sergio advised people to avoid staying in one body posture for an extended period as this can lead to back pains.
Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital


Antony Marsala, co founder of Madison Street Capital, has been awarded for his outstanding business leadership by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. This association, according to its COO Brien K. Jones, recognizes pioneers in the accounting profession as well as those in financial consultancy whether or not the individual is associated with the association. This recognition program, which targets sector professionals less than 40 year of age, aspires to empower upcoming visionaries by saluting their efforts and inputs to the accounting profession and their impact on the communities from where they hail. This association sought individuals who had a proven success in forensic auditing, mergers, acquisitions, litigation and business valuation. Through its Executive staff, Antony Marsala was picked as the most worthy of all the 125 nominees according to Chicago Tribune’s article:
Antony Marsala is the chief operating officer (COO) at Madison Street Capital, LLC. He is also the company’s co-founder. It is through his leadership that the company has established roots in other continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. He keeps a close eye on the company’s team which is hired to do business valuation for clients about to merge or those in the process of acquisition.
Marsala studied at Loyola University graduating with an information systems and finance major. His master’s is from Oxford University’s Said Business School: masters in strategy. His professionals association is with the national Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). He is equally associated with the American Society of Appraiser (ASA).
Madison Street Capital, LLC
This is an international banking company which offers many services among them: valuation, expertise on mergers or acquisitions, and financial advisory. The company is committed to excellence, honesty and integrity, and quality service delivery. The company keeps an eye on emerging markets so as to benefit its clientele by offering ingenious advice on investment opportunities. The goals of each client are always satisfied since this Madison adopts them and strives to meet them for the client. Over the years the zeal with which Madison has done business has endeared the company to more clients and ranked the company higher culminating in personal awards such as Antony Marsala’s.
This company’s corporate advisory services also include financial options and private placement. Financial options are sought by companies that are about to change their capital structure and what an expert view on fairness. In cases of buyouts the company helps clients determine solvency through establishing such a client’s cash flow and reviewing their balance sheets. Madison also helps with Private placements.

A Great Place To Get Back Relief

Back pain is something that can be unbearable for many individuals. Around the world there are thousands of people that have to deal with moderate to severe back pain. These may be individuals that have had to deal with this degree of pain for many years. It is possible that these individuals have gone to doctors and specialist, but they have not been able to get their desired result. They may have also taken many different types of pain medications and injections as well. These are individuals that are on the brink of undergoing a serious back surgery with the hope of alleviating their back pain. They may have knowledge about the statistics of major invasive surgeries, but they believe that there is no other option available. Such individuals can take hope! There is a way to for them to get relief from pain.

Pain relief does not have to come in the form of a pill or an injection. There is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by North American Spine that has been life changing for many individuals. This procedure is called the AccuraScope procedure, and it is carried out by inserting a small laser and a very thin needle to treat and alleviate back pain. The AccuraScope procedure is use to fix things such as the following: herniated disc, bulging disc, pinched nerves, failed back surgery syndrome and severe neck conditions. The reason that the AccuraScope procedure has met with so much success is because it is able to go straight to the source of a back problem, and the procedure treats back problems fast and accurately. This procedure is really like no other back procedure when it comes to its results. The AccuraScope procedure has an 82% success rate. Over 96% of the people that have had the AccuraScope procedure say that they would recommend it to family and friends.

The AccuraScope procedure is a procedure that is precisely and quickly performed. A person can come in to get it done, and they can go home all in the same day. There is no need for tons of pain killers or extended hospital stays. This procedure has saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and medications, but above all, North American Spine reviews show that they have been able to help people to get their lives back. There are many different options that a person has when it comes to care for their back pain. The problem is that these options are not created equal, and some interventions can cause more harm then good. If a person has experience moderate to severe back pain and they need help, then they do well to get in contact with North American Spine. They are the only office that performs the AccuraScope procedure, and their doctors are specialist when it comes to permanent back pain relief.

Jaime Garcia Dias: A Brazilian Legend

It takes chutzpah to be a writer. To be a good writer takes talent, chutzpah, and dedication. To be a famous, prolific author takes the grace of God himself; and to this end, one can assume Jaime Garcia Dias has some special blessing!

Jaime started writing at the age of fifteen, and by the age of twenty-five was teaching at one of Brazil’s premiere literature academies. The Carioca Literature Academy exists to teach students who want to pursue a career in writing after high school. By the age of thirty, Jaime had actually published ten different novels and worked on the school’s faculty a solid five years. As of 2007, he became president of that school, and currently writes a weekly column for the Jornal de Brasil. His most recent novel has been a compilation of these ruminations on childhood and his father.

As originally reported on Crunchbase Jaime has written twenty novels over the course of his career. Those novels have been largely informed by the literary juggernauts from which he himself drew inspiration as a young man. Jaime writes about people, about places, about reality, and most importantly, he writes about truth. He does as much in a way that few authors do.

Jaime Garcia Dias has sold quite a few copies of his novels throughout South America, and he continues to write regularly. One of the fine things about being a writer is that age doesn’t facilitate regular retirement practices in the same way many other professions are subject to such exigencies. There are writers that continue to remain prolific well into their eighties; and even their nineties. Being only forty-five years old puts Jaime Garcia Dias smack-dab in the middle of his career! Who knows what other great works he may write in the next several decades?

Jaime understands the people of Brazil, but more than that, he understands people in general. It takes deep thought, concentration, and stamina to be a writer. Furthermore, the most important thing is that you have to have something to say. If you have nothing to say, it doesn’t matter how well a sentence can be spun; how many adjectives may be strewn throughout, or how clever punctuation may or may not be. Jaime Garcia Dias has always had something to say, and his words have thus resonated with millions.

For the adroit reader who has yet to encounter the works of Jaime Garcia Dias, now is the time, and prepare yourself for an undertaking which sends you on an odyssey of the mind. Jaime Garcia Dias is a renown author throughout Brazil for a reason: his words resonate with hearts and minds of anyone who picks up his novels. Hopefully his career continues for years to come!