For the Family

Stuff for the whole family.

Here at Connexions we have something for everyone! Whether you’re a crawler, teenager or something in-between, we’ve got something that will help you connect with God and each other.  Our desire is to partner with you, mom and/or dad, to help your child learn to walk with Jesus, grow and discover their purpose and become best friends with God.

Philosophy and Direction

Our desire is to see the home become the spiritual epicenter of a child’s life.  You bring them to church.  Great!  Each teacher in KidSpace (Children’s ministry) will have a limited amount of time, not to mention influence on their spiritual walk.  And we know that talking with your kids about “God stuff” is hard, so we try to provide an opportunity to have those conversations after church.  Follow up emails provide an overview of what your child learned, as well as thoughts on how you could go further in your discussion at home throughout the week.

Programs (What we have to offer)

We have a fully staffed nursery for the most precious little ones from birth thru 2-3 years.  After that they head to our Apollo program (Pre-K) where they will learn foundational stuff about Jesus and God; e.g. “Jesus loves everyone”, and “The Bible tells us about God.”  Simple, huh?  Maybe there’s something we “old people” can learn from them.  Anyway, after that our Shuttle Program (K-5) takes over and builds upon this foundation.  Then in our TeenzRock Program (6-8), we provide a place for middle schoolers to explore their faith with their peers.  High school students are invited to learn and grow from the weekend messages, and share their gifts through service on our worship team or our Kidspace program.

Drop-off and Registration

Children PreK and older are invited to join their parents at the beginning of our service for worship.  After the music, they will be notified when it is time to go upstairs for KidSpace and TeenzRock.  Children can be brought to the nursery at the beginning of the service.


Parents are more than welcome to come on back into our areas anytime, but if you can, wait until we open the doors to signify we have officially concluded the program.  Thanks!